Hello again, this is Diana! From refrigerators that serve as command central for your family and help you order that snack that you’ve been craving, to coffee pots that will brew stronger coffee when your wearable tracker senses that you didn’t have enough sleep, the next generation of appliances use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to provide Jetson-like capabilities.

With the latest appliances, you can use your smartphone to:

  • Preheat your oven while you’re running home with that one ingredient you forgot to buy from the store. Never worry if you forgot to turn the oven off again.
  • Start and monitor your laundry settings on the go.
  • Monitor the temperature of your refrigerator and freezer, keep an eye on when to replace your water filter, or even check the contents of your refrigerator and order your groceries.

New appliances are also smarter on space, so whether you’re looking to fit appliances into a smaller area or just want to get more out of your appliances, the options have never been greater.

The top trends in space saving appliances include:

  • Stacking and apartment sized washers and dryers
  • French door ovens that fit into spaces that would not allow enough room for a traditional oven door to fully open
  • Drawer-style refrigerators and dishwashers that fit into small, tight spaces

If capacity is what you’re looking for, check out:

  • Dishwashers with a third rack
  • Washing machines with two chambers that let you do two loads at once – a full-sized load and a smaller load
  • Four- and five-door refrigerators allowing you to more effectively use the space in your refrigerator and keep it better organized.Here is a breakdown by appliance:

Smart Refrigerators

  • Check for expiration dates
  • Suggest recipes based on what's available
  • Send shopping lists to grocery stores for auto-fullfilment

Smart Dishwashers

  • Adjust the temperature based on materials being washed
  • Share information on how much energy is being consumed
  • Stop operations when issues are detected

Smart Ovens

  • Sync with fridge on a recipe and preheat in preparation
  • Cook the perfect meal using image recognition
  • Automatically schedule repairs when issues are detected

Smart Washer/Dryers

  • Set wash settings based on the fabrics 
  • Recommend new detergents with a coupon
  • Stop the drying process when clothes are dry, and this may be only the beginning ladies and gentle man. Whether you are for them or against them, they are here. Freeze on! Wash on! Bake on! and Dry on! Talk to you soon.

Diana Walton Licensed Real Estate Broker